About Us

To supply hair care products of superior quality to the African consumer and be the preferred supplier to the retail FMCG industry. Providing the safest and most effective hair care products to our consumers through constant innovation and enabling people of colour to embrace their beautiful hair.

BMS Cosmetics (PTY) Ltd was founded in July 2002 with only one employee. Today, we’ve grown to over 36 employees in addition to 60 outsourced merchandisers.

We are located in our corporate headquarters in Straydom Park, Randburg South Africa. BMS Cosmetics manufactures and distributes Pure Royal Hair Care and Vonti Skin Care range of products. Pure Royal is a superior quality product range with an aspirational consumer status that rides on the back of extensive experience within the industry. It helps repair and prevent your unique hair and scalp damage. Vonti Skin Care range promotes the repair of extra dry, damaged, aged and scarred skin.

For the past Fifteen years, Joe Khumalo who is the CEO and his team of experts have been working together to understand the root cause of hair, scalp and skin damage and discover its prevention.

To provide excellent service to our customers and offer vastly superior products to the African consumer through continuous research and development of innovative products.